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Custom Bamboo Rods

    I started fly fishing when I was 10 years old. Within a year my father gave me my first bamboo rod, and Orvis 6'6" 4wt called the "Flea" rod. I fished that rod for several seasons, catching many fish on it. This began my love affair with bamboo.It's now over 35 years later and I still love the feel of bamboo,flexing as it transfers it's energy into the line with authority,accuracy and subtlety.I started making bamboo rods when I was in my thirties as a hobby. It wasn't long before people started asking me to make rods for them. I offer two grades of rods for the discriminating angler.I offer a Deluxe line which is built to the customers specs. Length ,line weight and action can be tailored to a customers casting style. The rod is finished with the best components. Nickel silver reel seat w/ a fancy wood spacer,nickel silver stripping guide w/ a spectacular stone agate,nickel silver ferrules and silk thread wraps in your choice of color.The standard grade is finished on the same blank, however we use less expensive components. Aluminum reel seat, chrome plated ferrules and stripping guide, finished with the nylon thread color of your choice. All rods come with 2 tips and a rod case.Six strip hex and four strip quad configurations availible.

Hex -Standard Grade-$750.00
Hex-Deluxe Grade-$995.00

Quad-Deluxe only $1350.00



I am now offering 2-strip quads.These have the same feel and casting ability of traditional 4-strip rod construction. Because we only use 2 strips per section, we can build these rods quicker, saving you money. If you always wanted to try a quad,but didn't want to spend alot on it,this is your chance!

Standard Grade-$450.00(single tip)
Deluxe Grade - $750(two tips) 



Custom Fiberglass Rods


In my opinion, fiberglass is the next best material for rod building after bamboo. It gives the "feel" of bamboo without the maintenance or the cost of bamboo. I build my rods on custom E-glass blanks and custom Lamiglas blanks. The E-glass blanks tend to be medium action and are black in color while the Lamiglass tend to be a little slower and are honey colored. Again, I offer two grades of rods. Deluxe grade has nickel silver reel seat with a fancy wood spacer, nickel silver agate lined stripping guide and silk thread wraps finished with multiple coats of  low build varnish.

Standard E-glass-$275.00

Deluxe E-glass-$400.00

5'9'' 3-4wt

6' 3/4wt or 5/6wt

6'3" 3/4wt or 5/6wt

6'6'' 4/5wt or 6/7wt

6'9" 4/5wt

7' 4/5wt

7'3'' 4/5wt

7'6'' 6/7wt

8' 5/6wt

8' 7/8wt

Standard Lamiglas-$495

Deluxe Lamiglas-$625











Prices are for 2 piece rods.

Custom airbrush colors are also available on all models. Prices start at $90


The "Duet Series"

I have developed a series of rods that have 2 butt sections of different lengths. This offers the angler versatility without buying two rods. With each section , the rod becomes two different length rods. My first was an 8'3"/7'3" 4/5wt on a Lamiglass blank. It is still one of my favorite rods. Prices for this series starts at $575 for the E-glass rod, and $750 on the Lamiglas blank. This series works best in the 2 or 3 piece rods. Other lengths and line weights available, please contact us for more information.







Signature Series Glass

I am now offering my own line of Signature Fiberglass rods. The blanks are olive in color and have a medium action. They are two piece rods. They will be offered in Deluxe and standard grades.

5'9" 2/3 wt

6' 2wt

6'9" 3wt

7' 3wt

7'3" 4wt

7 1/2' 4wt

7'9" 5/6wt

8' 5/6 wt

8'3" 6/7wt

8 1/2' 6/7 wt

Deluxe $525

Standard $450